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Elemental Driving Simulator

The EDS is available from DriveRehab LLC, a company run by Dr. Rosamond Gianutsos, a psychologist specializing in neuropsychological rehabilitation and Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

EDS Rationale and Philosophy

EDS steering (right hand) and turn signal (left hand)
  • The system runs in the popular Windows 10 and most earlier versions.
  • We have preserved the protocol and tasks familiar to therapists so that the standardization and validation studies remain applicable.
  • The EDS is restricted to health professionals who receive our Driving Advisement Seminar as part of their purchase.
  • The software resides on the EDS system’s own Program Key and is relatively independent of the host computer.
  • The system is designed to run on free-standing laptop computers.
    • It is best to avoid networked computers and those requiring encryption and other security schemes.
    • The laptop should open fully and have an 11 to 15 ” screen. The Lenovo Yogi and Ideapad systems are recommended.

About the Elemental Driving Simulator

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Driver Rehabilitation Training Seminar materials

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